Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing

ffi7Irish Pike are renowned for both their aggression and stamina. Pursuing pike on lure or fly gear has to rank as one of the top fishing experiences found anywhere in Ireland. With an abundance of prey food in most fisheries, Pike grow fast. We fish a number of lakes in the Cork area and all waters have produced fish to over 15 kgs.

photoWe guide the entire Lee system and have a number of boats on each of the 3 lakes. These are vast, difficult waters and our experienced guides are at hand to offer instruction on casting, fly / lure selection, fish handling and to ultimately put you on the fish .


We specialize in fly fishing for pike and believe it is the most affective and least invasive method of catching these magnificent predators.

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We also provide lure and bait fishing trips for non fly anglers. At Fly Fish Ireland, we like to keep our options open and during times of excessive rain when the Lee system is in flood, we fish a number of smaller lakes which are less susceptible to water level fluctuations. These smaller waters have produced some of the biggest Pike for both our clients and our guides.

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Pontoon boat trips on selected waters are also available. These crafts offer a more personal approach and are the best way to fish some of the smaller waters. With such a low profile, pike hit close, real close to the boat. It’s both visual and exhilarating watching a fish take less than a rod length away.

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