Shepperton lake

Shepperton lake


Shepperton Lakes

2Shepperton lakes are one of Ireland’s premiere specimen Pike fly fisheries.The system consists of 2 deep lakes connected by a narrow channel allowing boats to navigate between both waterffi9This small spring fed water warmed by the Gulf Stream is stocked annually with 4500 Rainbow Trout.

These conditions combine to produce some of the largest and visually stunning Pike caught in Ireland.

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Pike average 12- 15 lbs with many in the 20 lb plus bracket. 30 lb plus fish are recorded almost every year.
Pike grow fast on a high protein diet of Rainbow Trout and these waters are notoriously difficult to yield results due to the quality and quantity of bait fish present

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 We at FFI have spent over 15 years on the system documenting fish habitat, fly selection and techniques to catch theses truly magnificent specimens.
The influence of the Gulf Stream  gives the south of Ireland its mild winters and combined with its sheltered disposition also makes Shepperton a superb winter fly fishery.

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This fishery is fly all year round & lure fishing is only permitted during winter months.

No bank fishing allowed.


Shepperton lakes are situated in close proximity to Ireland’s most southerly town of Skibbereen.

Skibbereen is a vibrant, colourful and friendly town where you can sample the very best of West Cork’s finest artisan food and craft.

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