Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing

ffi7Irish Pike are renowned for both their aggression and stamina. Pursuing pike on lure or fly gear has to rank as one of the top fishing experiences found anywhere in Ireland. With an abundance of prey food in most fisheries, Pike grow fast. We fish a number of lakes in the Cork area and all waters have produced fish to over 15 kgs.

photoWe guide the entire Lee system and have a number of boats on each of the 3 lakes. These are vast, difficult waters and our experienced guides are at hand to offer instruction on casting, fly / lure selection, fish handling and to ultimately put you on the fish .


We specialize in fly fishing for pike and believe it is the most affective and least invasive method of catching these magnificent predators.

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We also provide lure and bait fishing trips for non fly anglers. At Fly Fish Ireland, we like to keep our options open and during times of excessive rain when the Lee system is in flood, we fish a number of smaller lakes which are less susceptible to water level fluctuations. These smaller waters have produced some of the biggest Pike for both our clients and our guides.

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Pontoon boat trips on selected waters are also available. These crafts offer a more personal approach and are the best way to fish some of the smaller waters. With such a low profile, pike hit close, real close to the boat. It’s both visual and exhilarating watching a fish take less than a rod length away.

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Een geregeld voorkomend probleem is het roesten van haken in vliegendozen, met name na een sessie op het zoute. Over dat probleem praatte ik afgelopen voorjaar in Ierland met fanatiek zeebaars- en snoekvisser (met de vlieg) Mark Houlihan  en die had daar een mooie oplossing voor gevonden.angling-designs_004

Mark Houlihan

Fastach Clips

Fastach Clips

Door Jelle Westerhuis

Kwam Mark Houlihan (http://flyfishireland.ie/) tegen op onze Ierland-trip. Hij is fanatiek zeebaars- en snoekvisser met de vlieg en heeft een aantal problemen ondervonden die ik eerder dit jaar ook had: snaps vlogen open, spelden hielden niet en eigenlijk was het snoekvissen daarvan niet beter geworden. En zo zie je maar weer dat je van anderen een hoop kunt leren. In dit geval een heel praktisch dingetje waarvan ik binnen een paar seconden het nut inzag.

Erse Verrassing

erse verrassing (deel 3, slot)

Door Jelle Westerhuis

Aangezien de haven nog erg weinig vis bevat en de weersomstandigheden dermate verslechterd zijn waardoor vissen op open zee al helemaal geen optie is, wordt er door het team van Bella Vista een plan B bedacht. (En dan te weten dat er nog de plannen C, D en E klaarliggen, dat geeft een gerust gevoel dat je geen dag hoeft te verspelen! En logisch, moet er ook niet aan denken om als fanatiek visser een dag op de wal door te brengen zonder hengel in de hand te hebben gehad… Het idee alleen al). Plan B is super voor ons en we pakken het met beide handen aan.

Liss Ard Estate

Liss Ard Estate


This beautiful 200-acre estate encompasses the Victorian LissArd Country House, with its contemporary design,  and adjacent Garden Mews, and the LissArd Lake Lodge, a Victorian Dower house overlooking Lough Abisdealy.




Lough Abisdealy is an exclusive tranquil lake on the estate with a surface area of 50 acres and depths of up to 20 metres. Pike and Rudd are in abundance as well as Roach.




As a private lake Lough Abisdealy has not been over-exposed with only a limited numbers of anglers allowed to fish.




This is an excellent Pike fly and lure sport fishery set in one of the most stunning locations in Ireland.




The estate has 2 traditional Irish Lough style boats complete with trolling motors and fish finders.




Fly Fish Ireland also offer guided Float Tubing and Pontoon Boat fishing  on Lough Abisdealy.

Adventure Fishing

Adventure Fishing

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 We offer Adventure Fishing options for those in search of something out of the ordinary. If you plan to stay for a number of days and are open minded regarding the spescies you want to target, our guides are at hand to organize your trip upon your arrival. We condider the weather and what fisheries are fishing well at that time.


Ireland is unique in offering quality fishing for most spescies within a very close proximity to one another. Great Bass fishing within a 20 minute drive of a quality Pike lake while passing a number of Trout and Salmon rivers is the norm here in the south of Ireland.

Lee Valley

Lee Valley

Gougane Barra

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The River lee begins its journey in the Shehy mountains near Gougane Barra which is the first lake on the system containing Brown Trout.The Lee then flows through Ballingeary and into Lough Allua which is a mixed fishery containing Pike ,Perch and course fish.

Lough Allua

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 This is a 10 km chain of wild Irish Loughs (lake) which has an average depth of 4m.

This holds pike to over 15 kgs with smaller pike of 4- 8 kgs abundant. In a recent survey Perch were the dominant species but this can change naturally from year to year.

The river Lee continues through the village of Inchageelagh heading east and splitting the land into a number of small river channels.

The Gearagh


It opens into carrigadrohid reservoir at the Gearagh (the wooden river) which is the

remains of the only ancient post glacial alluvial oak forest in Western Europe.

Carrigadrohid Reservoir

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This area of the Lee Valley holds Pike, Brown Trout , Perch , specimen Bream, Roach and Hybrids are also present.

This is a prime Pike fly fishery with a large amount of shallow water, drop off’s and underwater structure which is a haven for Pike to ambush prey.

imageThis is a top of the water fishery second to none with Pike crashing in to shoals of bait fish in Spring and Summer.

Inniscarra Reservoir


Inniscarra is the last lake on the system and big Pike are present in numbers. This is a 10 km mixed fishery and holds Pike to over 15 kgs.

This is the most difficult Pike water on the system, but it holds the biggest fish. In the right conditions Inniscarra can be explosive with Pike averages of 5kgs plus not being uncommon. Despite the average depth of 10 meters, Inniscarra is a superb Pike fly fishery and most of the largest fish recorded each year have eaten a fly.

imageLure fishing is also very successful on Inniscarra with dead bait and Trolling affective methods also.

Both Carrigadrohid and Inniscarra reservoirs are subject to fluctuations in water levels which is why experienced guides are recommended.

A Permit Is required to fish the ESB controlled waters of carrigadrohid reservoir and Inniscarra.

Permits available from Inniscarra Angling Center, Cork.

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