River Blackwater

River Blackwater

Blackwater River

Fly Fishing

The “Blackie” as it’s known affectionately rises in Co Kerry flowing through Cork and meets the sea in Waterford. The Blackwater is a spate river and carries a peat stain at times when floods are subsiding. It connects many towns throughout its course and has many clubs and syndicates within its fisheries with many of them world renowned for their salmon fishing. Webcams and water level monitors are now present on the Blackwater , this gives updates of water heights which is a great asset to both visiting and local anglers

Salmon Fishing

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Salmon fishing on the Blackwater is some of the finest in Ireland with large runs of fish coming into the system from March until the end of the season. Day tickets are available from clubs and some syndicates,  also some exclusive beats on the river can become available. Fly fishing is at the forefront of Salmon fishing on the Cork Blackwater with other methods also being very affective on certain stretches where the fly cannot be fished. Some large Salmon have been recorded in recent times since drift nets were banned from the Irish coast and this has been echoed throughout Ireland . Fifteen foot fly rods are required to fish the Blackwater loaded with Scandinavian style shooting heads and modern fly lines. When the river drops to summer levels then modern switch rods can be used. Spinning with flying C’s , Shrimp and Worm are also very popular.

Brown Trout


Modern day Czech and European nymphing have become one of the best methods for catching Trout on the Blackwater. The dry fly is still  top of the list and wet fly fishing is a very effective method also. Brown trout are plentiful on the Blackwater with many between 10-14 inches. Usual hatches for Cork rivers are what you will encounter on the Cork Blackwater .Chest waders are a must for the river where safety is concerned.

Sea Trout


Sea trout fishing on the Blackwater is normally done closer to the tidal stretches or on the tributaries and some good fish are caught .

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