River Lee

River Lee

River Lee


This section of the river begins below Inniscarra Dam and it’s here that most of the Salmon and trout fishing occurs. The flow and levels of the river are dictated by electricity generation and this is an important factor when choosing the best methods to fish the Lee.

Salmon Fishing

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Salmon fishing on the lee begins in February but normally improves after St Patricks day for spring salmon and fishes steadily till the end of the season.
Day tickets are available for the visiting angler with some excellent fly water. Fly rods for Salmon need to be of the 13-15 foot range to cover the change in levels and strength of current. Intermediate and fast sinking lines with modern shooting heads will deal with most situations.

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Spinning is also widely practised on the Lee for Salmon.
There are certain beats and stretches on the Lee were shrimping and worming are most productive.

Trout Fishing

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There are wild brown trout spread throughout the river with an average size of ten inches and with trout of 1lb-2lb being caught regularly. Hatches of Olives, Stone Flies, Midges and Caddis are prolific on the Lee from spring to Autumn. All fly fishing techniques are used as the Lee has such a varied structure to the river from riffles to wide flat pools. Trout rods range from nine to ten feet and AFTM 4-7

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