Sea Trout

Sea Trout

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Sea Trout in Ireland can also vary from  place to place with average fisheries to exceptional fisheries . Numbers of fish and size of fish depend on habitat , spawning, coastal feeding and Sea trout genitics eg. ( long living slow growing fish to short lived faster growing fish) . In 2011 a new Sea Trout program started and research is taking place to hopefully improve our fishing and give them the respect they deserve. Flyfishing for Sea trout has and always will be a favourite of mine on Lough Currane , Bandon river, river Lee and other smaller rivers . The Sea Trout fishing can become addictive especially at night on the river and when fish are running through the lakes around our coastal counties.


Once again lough style fishing for seatrout is a fantastic experience and is done with a long rod 10′-11′ ,6-7 weight lines and Irish and Scottish wet flies. Recently some are fishing dry flies although i suspect this is not new to Irish Sea Trout. On rivers our techniques are not far removed from those in Wales, England or Scotland at night and during the day. Rods vary from 9′-10′  ,Lines are floating ,sink tip, intermediate and full sinking, Flies are the usual long shank or low water singles ,small doubles ,tubes and snakes and not forgetting surface lures. Night time is preferred when conditions allow and day time is important when the rivers have fresh or high water on them. Being on the river at night is really special , the clear sky on a moonless night , the sounds of our nocturnal animals and birds , the heat of a summers night and last but not least a splash of a big seatrout.

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