Waterville System

Waterville System

The Waterville System

13.5lbs 5ozs sea trout record 003 custom

13.5lbs 5ozs Irish Sea Trout Record

The river Cummeragh and the river Inny, five main lakes plus a number of hill loughs and small  streams empty into the ocean at Waterville. Surrounded on all sides by water is how the village got its  name. Specimen salmon and seatrout (sea-run wild brown trout) are regularly caught in these waters and sea trout are sometimes caught along the shore by opportunist anglers fly fishing for bass. Waterville sits in the middle of Ballinskelligs Bay, with a river on each side, and many good bass and sea trout marks all around the bay.

Lough Currane

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Lough Currane is four miles long and two miles at its widest point. It connects to the ocean via a 200 yard stretch of out flowing river and is the bottom lake on the system. Each season, the lake produces more specimen and trophy sized sea-run brown trout (seatrout) than all the other lakes in Ireland together. Panoramic scenery is provided by the Macgillycuddy Reeks that stretch 20km and are the only mountain peaks in Ireland over 1000 metres.

Lough Derriana

lough derrianna custom

Lough Derriana is two miles long and one mile at its widest point. It is the top lake on the system that may be fished from a boat. A maximum of two boats share this lake.

Lough Cloonocklin

lough cloonocklin custom

Like Derriana, has a few good sized brown trout as well as migratory sea trout and salmon. Only one boat on this lake guarantees peace and solitude, whatever the weather, but a good westerly will put the boat over the best seatrout drifts.

Lough Namona

lough namona custom

Namona is the next lake upriver from Currane and can fish well immediately after a good flood that draws fish further upriver. First to Namona, and up to Cloonocklin, or straight on to Derriana and beyond. One boat on the lake but with a good westerly you can fish it all in a long day out.

Ballinskelligs Bay

currane outflow into ballinskelligs bay 1 custom

Ballinskelligs Bay is where Waterville is located on the Atlantic. Migratory fish have easy access to the Waterville system twice daily at high tide. Bass and mullet are attracted to the freshwater outflow, as well as salmon and seatrout, of course. The bay provides us with numerous locations, hot spots, where bass and other saltwater species may be caught from the sand or rocky shoreline.

River Inny

river inny custom

Unlike the river Cummeragh, the Inny doesn’t have large loughs, but it still provides excellent salmon fishing after a flood, and evening sea trout fishing from the bank. Good bass and mullet where it enters the ocean at Inny Strand.

river inny mullet caught on an invicta custom

River Inny Mullet

good bass inny strand 1 custom

Waterville Bass

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